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What is Travel Grunge?

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

What is Travel Grunge anyway?

What is Travel Grunge?

Are you broke?

Are you drowning in student loans?

Do you have literally 0 vacation days because you’re overworked and underpaid?

Do you have no savings to really speak of?

Are you not willing to quit your day job?

Do you still want to travel?

If you answered yes, then Travel Grunge is the solution!

I have been to 43 countries and counting, and have no money. Like, less than no money. I also have very few vacation days, because I am a millennial just trying to make it in the world. Many other websites offer tips in how to get paid to travel (awesome), how to work remotely and travel (cool) and how to move abroad (sweet). I have lived abroad, and it is an amazing way to get to travel on a budget and save. However, this is for those of us who are too broke to consider moving, who are too in their loans to really save that much, and for those without the technical skills to really work remotely forever and still survive. And yet, we deserve to travel, right?! RIGHT.

So: how do I travel to [dream destination] on a dirt cheap budget? This is the tips, tricks and solutions warehouse you have been waiting for!

Some things you will have to be okay with in order to travel on a budget:

  • Skipping out on brunch once in a while (jk jk, I know, it’s our one piece of joy in a cold, cold world)

  • Discomfort (eg not always staying in luxury locations, sometimes taking buses, etc.)

  • Research (good thing you have a phone to do it on)

  • Adventure (duh)

  • Being crafty (how to use sick days as vacation days, coming soon)

  • Overnight transit (get ready)

  • FUN!

Coming soon:

It’s Possible:

Solo travel for women! It’s possible!

Solo travel for black women! It’s possible!

Solo travel for natural hair! It’s possible!

Traveling with 0 Days Off! It’s possible!

Do’s and Don’ts:

Hitchhiking: Do’s and Don’ts!

Couchsurfing: Do’s and Don’ts!

Here’s How:

Pretend You Speak the Language: Here’s How

Sift Through All That Information: Here’s How

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